Inspection Stamps

Inspection Stamps are used by company to identify who inspected a item or if it is accepted or rejected. Inspection Stamps are designed in different shapes and sizes for different purposes. We can help with design layouts or we can use the layout designed by customers. To make good quality inspection stamps really need is a good quality image and a design that maximizes the layout. Most Inspection stamps are small so to make them more readable the layout is very important.  We use Corel Draw to layout the text and then printed use a laser to cut a rubber die. The laser burns away the excess rubber leaving a raise letter reverse image die. This die can then be mounted on several different types of mounts depending on the end use. The mounts for inspection stamps can be self inking if the ink is suitable, mostly stamping paper. If part marking is needed it can be more complicated. Marking metal parts, glossy photos, or glass, for instance, requires special ink. So, the mount must be one that uses a ink pad that will not dry out and ruin the stamp.