Bowmans Enterprises established 1961 Huntsville, AL by Louis Bowman. He had served 19.5 years in the U.S. Army , Europe in WWII and in Korea. Nobody liked Korea and when they wanted to send him back he declined. The people, climate, and FOOD were so much better here so he retired with 20 years in. Now unemployed he decided to start a business selling Rubber Stamps to the military, everyone thought he was nuts. In 1961 when somebody got a promotion those under him did as well, and they all needed rubber stamps. It was a simple process, take lead type and set a tray with the right text and make a indented impression on matrix board. Then make the rubber die under heat and pressure attach the die to a mount add a handle and you got a stamp. We made a lot of stamps and updated our equipment with technology. Now stamps are set-up on a computer and laser cut into rubber. This gives us more options than we ever had. We can take any good black and white clipart and make custom stamp