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We have been manufacturing Rubber Stamps in Huntsville, Alabama since 1961. In 1961 Huntsville, Alabama was a small mostly unknown town next to Redstone Arsenal Redstone was booming with the development of rockets for both military and space.  My dad Louis P. Bowman started our company then. Louis was 20 years in the army and had been selling rubber stamps to the military for years for extra money. When he received his orders to go back to  Korea he did what anyone would do, retire. Unemployed he thought , why not see if I can make a go of this as a business and he bought his first business licenese. I was 5, we didn’t have much but as I remember it was a great life. I remember the rocket tests at my elementary school where the ground shook and the nuclear bomb drills where we put our heads between our legs lined up in the hall. Kinda weird as I think back now. The company did good, back then every time a someone got a promotion so did everyone under him. They all had to have new stamps. In 1968 my dad’s insurance guy said ” Hey Louis I got this building you just gotta see”. Yep that’s right he bought it. The Sardine Club on the outskirts of town. Close to the Old Airport and the dump, the kitchen had caught fire and the insides was toast. It was a good price though. So, at 13 I learned how to wire a building, haul debris to the dump, and yes engrave. You see if Louis believed anything it was if you wanted money, then you could work for it. It wasn’t long before I was a better engraver, I just had a knack for it. Today Huntsville is a different place, but a whole lot is the same this is an amazing place so ordinary at the surface and so incredible in the background. Times change and so do people and equipment, today we make stamps on a laser and engrave on CNC equipment.  We are still in the same place with many of the same customers, trying our best to do the very best on every job every time for everyone.

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