Multi-Plate Walnut Plaque

Multi – Name plaque designed for New Hope Baptist Church to recognize the founding members. We wanted to honor the contribution of all the founding members and their families. . The plate size needed to be 3/4″x3 1/4″ to accommodate all the information . This demanded a plaque size of 15″x18″.  This large plaque board isn’t available in a regular order so we custom made the board out of walnut specifically  for this customer.  The header plate was lasered  with a graphic of Jesus, the church, and the date established.  The wood can be stained in different shades or left natural, and the edges of the plaque is routed with a 3/8″ cove cut. This produces a very attractive board. The brass name plates have been located by programing a cnc machine. The plates will have a black lettered text, with the letter font style of your choosing. We custom make plaques for your every need.