Laser Part Marking

Laser part marking hardened steel using a rotary head and CerMark. A rotary device is used to replace the y axis, to spin the part as it is being marked. The part is sprayed with CerMark material prior to being laser marked. CerMark is a grayish material when hit by the laser it leaves a black mark penetrating into the pores of the steel. This method of laser part marking is more durable than silk screening, hot stamping pad printing or rubber stamp impression which are all on the surface. Cermark penetrates into the steel and, therefore, it is quite durable. This method works well on carbon steels, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, brass, & copper. Laser part marking is very economical method of changing serial numbers or dates. Changes are made on a keyboard then sent to the laser for marking. Changing a line or two and resetting the machine is quick and easy. Flat parts are laser marked using the same chemicals and power settings. Machine parts can be laser engraved with Logo’s, Graphics, Text, even Bar Codes as long as it is a black and white graphic.

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