Knight Award

The Knight Award is an award presented to commemorate the 5th Year anniversary of Nobletech Solutions. We were looking for something creative and fitting, something unique. As with many awards we didn’t really know what it would take to create such a gift. They decided to go shopping and see if some ideas came to mind. A couple hours later they were back with this statue of a Middle Ages Knight. Well you don’t get much more NOBLE than that. The Knight alone wasn’t going to work, the wood base was too small for all the text and it needed something more. We decided to go with a black acrylic base, custom cut and polished. Then we took a business card and got the Nobletech Solutions logo, redrew it added some text and lasered it into the acrylic. We filled the engraving with antique gold filler which really POPS against the polished black surface. We attached the knight statue with double backed tape to accurately locate it and then added 2 woodscrews for good measure. The last thing you want is for the two to come apart. We cleaned it up and as a final touch added bumpons on the underside to keep it from scratching a table. I thought now that’s a nice award and was proud of the part we played in creating it. When our customers came back in and saw the finished product they were very satisfied too. I know they were also very proud at the presentation.