Laser Part Marking

Laser part marking on anodized aluminum is an effective method of marking text and graphics. This part ,a viperhead is actually a high performance head for a remote controlled racing helicopter. The laser engraved graphics are unique which makes this head stand out from his competition. Laser part marking is a great technology that allows us to use light and extreme heat in a .005″ diameter laser blast to remove the blue anodizing and do nothing to the base aluminum. The laser will burn thru the blue anodize coating to the metal surface leaving the silver color graphic. Hardened steel, stainless steel and other metal parts can be permanently marked with black text. The laser is not limited to metal , we have also laser marked bone, plastics, glass, & marble.  The laser sees a pixel as black (fire) or white ( do not fire) and this happens at a very high speed. The laser moves left to right and back right to left. Dropping .005 per cycle and firing every time it sees a black dot. boom  boom  boom  and we have a graphic. Lasers work like ink jet printers, so .jpegs or .gifs work good. As long as we start out with a good clean image, it will mark well. The key to a great product is to take the time to make it visually superior. Often companies spend extra money on components and sacrifice the visual elements. Steve Jobs proved the value of graphics, logos and visual attributes of equipment. Professional engraving can make the first impression a great impression, which makes the sale so much easier.