Custom Leatherette Shot Glass

Custom leatherette shot glass laser engraved with graphics or text. This 2 oz stainless steel shot glass wrapped in leather like material which is made for laser imprinting. Using this material laser engraved graphics appear in bold contrasting colors. These affordable shot glasses are great for private parties, birthday parties, special group trips, Sporting Events, Private Clubs, Fantasy Football Clubs, or for other special occasions. A great party favor, these little guys are a great take home item to remember the party or event. These affordable give away items with custom laser engraving with your personalized logo, graphics, and text. Truly an item to hold on to for a memory not easily forgotten.

Available in Blue/Silver, Teal/Black, Mauve/Black, Brown/ Chocolate, Dark Brown/Silver, Black/Silver contrast that makes graphics really pop. Imagine your special event laser engraved into the leather, giving them to your special friends and kicking off the evening with your favorite beverage.