Rubber Stamp Part Marking

There are several methods of part marking. The first one is marking using industrial ink and rubber stamps. We can make a rubber stamp with exactly the information needed to be marked. These stamps are called stick stamps, or pegwood stamps, because they are mounted on a piece of wood the same size as the rubber to make it easier to accurately locate. Parts are usually stamped using epoxy ink or 1250 quick dry ink. We are happy to provide information on best methods to produce a perfect result.

Hardened steel parts, stainless steel parts, and Inconel parts can be lasered with cermark a chemical that blackens when lasered. This can also be used on softer metals but doesn’t work as well. Anodized and painted aluminum can be lasered thru the anodizing to the base metal color. If the part marking needs to be paint filled, it is best to engrave with a rotating cutter to achieve the proper depth.

Machine engraving  which is cutting into a part using a rotating cutter is another method of permanently marking information on a variety of materials.